EyeCatchers NT - Story 8 - The Shepherd

EyeCatchers NT: Story 8

The Shepherd

Set of 7 visuals together with the story of The Shepherd. Includes story script, Powerpoint presentation, colour JPG images and black and white masters.

To challenge the children about who is the master of their life.

John 10:1-18

This passage focuses on the relationship of the Sheep to the Shepherd. It talks of a relationship that means sacrifice, commitment and personal care. During the time it was written it was commonly known that there was only one gate to the sheep pen. The shepherd kept watch there. He would come in front of anything that threatened his sheep at that gate. The sheep would know his voice and he would know their name. He would risk his own life rather than see one of his little ones hurt. This is in sharp contrast to the "Hired hand" who will flee at the sight of trouble. Anyone who flees when the going gets tough is not a true shepherd. There are many heroes and things we worship today that will not stand up to this test. The hired help or the thieves have their own interests, but Jesus (the true Shepherd) has only the sheep interests at heart. That is why Jesus is the only one who can truly bring life to the full. It paints a very concrete picture of how Christ feels about us and contrasts Him to the worldly gods our children idolize and follow.

Story 8
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