EyeCatchers NT - Story 14 - Saul's Conversion

EyeCatchers NT: Story 14

Saul's Conversion

Set of 8 visuals together with the story of Saul's conversion. Includes story script, Powerpoint presentation, colour JPG images and black and white masters.

For the children to discover the value in themselves.

Acts 9

In Acts 9 Saul was a very determined man. He played a responsible role in the stoning of Stephen and thereafter, wherever the believers fled, he followed with vigor. Saul’s Conversion marks a turning point in the History of the early Church. This conversion was a radical change in thinking and turn around in occupation. His conversion and baptism was immediately followed by his bold proclamation of Jesus as the Son of God in the very Damascus Synagogues where he had come to arrest the believers. By the time Ananias reached him, Saul was already a man to be hunted by the cause he once led. He very quickly had to be smuggled out of the city, which had become too dangerous for him to stay in. With his conversion the Church found peace for a while.

Story 14
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