EyeCatchers NT - Story 2 - The Mission of Jesus

EyeCatchers NT: Story 2

The Mission of Jesus

Set of 9 images of characters who were involved with Jesus in the final days before his death. Includes narrator script, Powerpoint presentation, colour JPG images to create slides and black and white masters.

To teach the children that Jesus had a specific mission while he was here on this earth.

Matthew 26-27 / Luke 23 / John 20 / Mark 16

The four Gospels bring out different aspects of the Gospel story and present characters that were involved with Jesus in those final days. To get a good broad picture we need to look at the four Gospels. In Matthew, the Chief Priests had very little humanity or morality. They have an agenda to see Jesus killed and they will do anything to see that happen. Pilate is baffled by what is happening and in the end gives in to the crowd even though he washes his hands as a sign that he desires to remove his guilt about what is happening. Mark 16 looks at the women going to the tomb and finding the empty tomb, which is vital to the salvation story. No one saw the resurrection, but the stone being moved and the tomb being empty was the first piece of evidence. Luke 23 talks about the two criminals on either side of Jesus during crucifixion. Luke alone talks about them both taunting and joining the crowd at first in teasing Jesus, but then one of the criminals realized that Jesus was more than just a criminal. John 20 talks of the spear in Jesus’ side and the breaking of His legs, which they did to hasten His death. This was all predicted in scripture detailing how it would happen. John also tells of the account of Mary. Although she loved and believed in Jesus, she initially doubted that he had risen, for at first she thought that someone had stolen the body. All the Gospels bring pieces of the entire story, never contradicting each other but with each having it's own flavor.

Story 2
EyeCatchers NT
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