EyeCatchers NT - Story 5 - The Prodigal Son

EyeCatchers NT: Story 5

The Prodigal Son

Set of 5 visuals to help you tell the story of the Prodigal Son in an unique way, comparing how we see things through our eyes with the way the Father sees them. Includes story script, Powerpoint presentation, colour JPG images to create slides and black and white masters.

To learn that Jesus is always waiting for you to come to him.

Luke 15: 11 - 32

This parable has been told in so many ways and has so much value for our children today about coming home and feeling the loving arms of the Father. The love of the Father in this parable is so overwhelming; it's a love that few of us really experience because it is more than human. In a world where we hear so much about Dads, either not being around or being abusive, it is important to teach about the forgiving and unconditional love of the Father in heaven for each of us. No matter how painful it was for the father to see his son take 1/3 of his money and possessions and leave home, after all the father had given him over the years, and then for him to come back with nothing, the father's response was of love and throwing a party. In fact before he could get home, his father spotted him and ran to him. It is hard to understand and accept that kind of love, but that’s how the Father loves each of us. To come home is to find a love like no other. This is a wonderful promise for our children to go through life with.

Story 5
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