Lost Heroes - Week 8: Accepting Criticism

Lost Heroes: Week 8

Accepting Criticism

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To teach that we can learn from anything, even criticism.

Matthew 8: 23-27
Matthew 16: 21- 28
Mark 10: 13-16

In each of the three instances in the Bible which we are looking at this week, Jesus rebukes his disciples, but not in the way that maybe we are used to. Jesus was patient and gentle and even though at times he might have been frustrated he used each time that the Disciples got it messed up as a learning experience. The disciples seem to see things that same way. They had many chances to walk away and not put up with the rebuke. Each time they hung in there and eventually learnt from their ways and became real leaders. It's all in the way we criticize people as to how people accept it. We can be told that we are wrong without losing our self-esteem and pride. Jesus is a good example of the way to help people change without leaving them downtrodden and feeling useless.

An activity where one person must give instructions and the others must listen, Materials for each child to complete the task.
Lost Heroes Week 8 Power point File, Songs, Small group leaders Guide, Drama Scripts, Memory Work master for kids


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