Lost Heroes - Week 2: What is your  Destiny?

Lost Heroes: Week 2

What is your Destiny?

This resource provides you with a lesson plan, a drama script, songs, activities to teach this lesson effectively, with opportunities for the children to be active in the learning process. You will be provided with lesson plans and extra materials for either a "stand alone teaching experience" or if you are teaching this as part of a whole module. Choose the resources that best suit your situation.

To challenge the sorts of qualities and downfalls of being a hero.

Judges 16

The story of Samson underlines the fine line between being a hero and a fool. Children especially put people on pedestal and admire them, desiring to be like them, but it only takes one fall for them to be replaced by the next hero. We look at the superficial things like, money, strength, power and popularity and desire them, but don't see the things that really last. Samson had it all and from the very beginning he knew where it came from. Yet, his weakness was a woman and when she was able to find out the secret to his strength, he quickly fell captive to the people trying to destroy him. Although Samson's life ended triumphantly, it was only because he knew where his strength came from and that God allowed Samson to glorify God in the end. What makes Samson a true hero was his repentance to God at the end of his life, but we often tell the amazing stories of strength and forget about where his strength came from.

Sound Cards
Blank comic strips for each child, Pens and coloured textas
Lost Heroes Week 2 Power point File, Songs, Small group leaders Guide, Drama Scripts, Comic strip master


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