Lost Heroes - Week 1: What does a Hero look like?

Lost Heroes: Week 1

What does a Hero look like?

This resource provides you with a lesson plan, a drama script, songs, activities to teach this lesson effectively, with opportunities for the children to be active in the learning process. You will be provided with lesson plans and extra materials for either a "stand alone teaching experience" or if you are teaching this as part of a whole module. Choose the resources that best suit your situation.

To discover what we believe makes a hero in the world's eyes.

Judges 13-15

Samson was very strong and handsome and many feared him. He ruled Israel for twenty years, and observed the vows to God of never cutting his hair. From a very young boy God had a special purpose for him. He was no stranger to God and is seen in Chapters 15 and 16 as a man of prayer. His strength could match any super-hero that the children would admire today. He had many of the qualities of what a true hero is seen as today and did some amazing things because of his strength. He had strength, power, fame, fortune, people who admired him and people who feared him. But most importantly, for most of his life he acknowledged God and that God was where his strength came from.

DVD of Superman returns/ Superman the Movie - if you can get someone to cut the bits ready to play it will make it easier to jump from the movie clips to the power points provided, Prizes for each word that is decoded in the Memory Work, Pens
Ribbon, Newspaper, Toilet paper and toilet rolls, Cardboard, Aluminium foil, Material off cuts AND /OR foam, Sticky tape, scissors, staplers,
Lost Heroes Week 1 Power point File, Songs, Small group leaders Guide, Drama Scripts, Coded memory verse master one for each group of 3-4 children


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