Lost Heroes - Week 5: Discovering the qualities of a hero

Lost Heroes: Week 5

Discovering the qualities of a hero

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To teach that Jesus showed his disciples that a true hero lives a life of serving others.

Matthew 20:20-28

This passage sheds light on the disciples and shows their ambition and desire for personal reward without considering the personal sacrifice involved. It is a very natural desire. Who wouldn't want to sit at the right hand of Jesus? But as Jesus pointed out, there is a price to pay for that right. Every one of us must learn that true greatness lies not in dominance and status but in service. It is so opposite to the world’s view of greatness. But Jesus was patient and loving in his reply and merely showed them by example time and time again the ways service to one another is truly great. It is also nice to know that Jesus will be patient with us and like the disciples sees the hope in us to one day get it right.

Table and party food and decorations, Bowl, towel and water for washing a leaders feet, A leader to help with lesson (have their dirty feet washed).
Clues and places to hide the clues
Lost Heroes Week 5 Power point File, Songs, Small group leaders Guide, Drama Scripts

Week 5
Lost Heroes
Disciples, Jesus
Humility, Serving Others

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