Boot Camp - Week 9: Gang Equipment Part 2

Boot Camp: Week 9

Gang Equipment Part 2

This resource provides you with a lesson plan, a drama script, songs, activities to teach this lesson effectively, with opportunities for the children to be active in the learning process.

To teach the children that the armour of God (Ephesians 6) is given to us to boldly use when under attack. To teach the children about the importance of knowing how to use the armour.

Acts 7

When we look at the last three pieces of armour, we see that there are things that we are to put on or take up whenever we feel we are under attack. Stephen certainly displayed that he had put on the armour of God. When before the Sanhedrin he wielded the Sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God. He knew salvation, (Helmet) and the hope of Jesus, and knew he would be with Him one day (vs. 56), and was ready to stand accountable to the Gospel. When Stephen is being stoned he claims the resurrection of Jesus. In fact it was probably Jesus who appeared to him in the vision in Vs 55-56, and in faith (Shield) Stephen claims that he is coming to be with him in heaven. He understands the power of prayer as a mighty defence weapon under attack and admits discomfort and pain. He displays great courage as he prays aloud to his Father. Although Stephen dies, there is victory in his death and the following chapters in Acts tell us that as a result of his death the Christians were stronger in their teaching and ministries. The visual symbols of the armour are a great way for us to understand and see the importance of the basics of Christianity and how vital they are in our everyday life.

FOR TEACHING TIME: Leader to do the Chant with the Kids each week - Dressed in Army Gear, Three Actors for Teaching time / Lounge and TV as a prop, Sound effect for glass smashing, Play armour as visuals for teaching -. Helmet / shield /sword / belt / Breastplate / shoes. (Or visuals are provided), Ministry Song to finish.
FOR BOOT CAMP: Team Skis, Code keys (Get these from any puzzle book), Obstacle Track, Bibles verse coded (Use memory verse in this teaching)


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