Boot Camp - Week 4: The Purpose of your Gang

Boot Camp: Week 4

The Purpose of your Gang

This resource provides you with a lesson plan, a drama script, songs, activities to teach this lesson effectively, with opportunities for the children to be active in the learning process. You will be provided with lesson plans and extra materials for either a "stand alone teaching experience" or if you are teaching this as part of a whole module. Choose the resources that best suit your situation.

To teach the children that to fight on God’s side gives you purpose in Life.

Genesis 27-35

To study Jacob’s life is to find that through the valleys and the mountains he was chosen as an instrument of God in spite of all his weaknesses. Jacob had glorious heights (Genesis 28) and sordid struggles (Genesis 25-27) but emerged triumphant. Jacob struggled with many family problems that caused him great pain, some his own doing, some not. Yet amidst this, he stayed close to God and the purpose that God had for him. Genesis 48-49, where he blesses his family is a great finish to his life. Considering we first see him stealing his brothers birthright (Genesis 25), he finishes better than he started and that is all God asks of us. In Genesis 28 and then again in Genesis 35 Jacob hears from God and is given a blessing and a purpose in life. This is what keeps him going and what he rejoices in at the end of his life. It can be the same for us. A great comfort is that God will stay true to His purpose, even when we make bad decisions. All He asks is that we serve him the best we can.

FOR TEACHING TIME: Leader to do the Chant with the Kids each week - Dressed in Army Gear, Pictures for Teaching Time- enlarged, cut out and colour on paper for each group of kids, Stories behind the pictures, Bluetac.
FOR BOOT CAMP: 5 Pieces of the puzzle (made from pictures provided in online resources), Blindfolds, Ropes, Carabineers, Maze

Week 4
Boot Camp
Purpose / Calling

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