Boot Camp - Week 1: Gang Life

Boot Camp: Week 1

Gang Life

This resource provides you with a lesson plan, a drama script, songs, activities to teach this lesson effectively, with opportunities for the children to be active in the learning process. You will be provided with lesson plans and extra materials for either a "stand alone teaching experience" or if you are teaching this as part of a whole module. Choose the resources that best suit your situation.

To teach the children that there are all types of gangs around them, some are positive, some are negative.

1 Samuel 16-17

We all know the story of David and Goliath, it is a story our children know well. When we look at what was going on for David at this time, we see that this was an important time for David to choose who he would serve, who he would be influenced by and who he would listen to. When you are a part of a gang these are the kinds of choices you are faced with. David could have listened to his brothers who were angry with him, called him conceited, and seemed very jealous of him. (1 Sam 17: 28) . He could have listened to King Saul, who had an evil spirit tormenting him ( 1 Sam 16) and then wanted him to fight with huge, cumbersome armour on (1 Sam 17). He could have looked at the opposition (Goliath and his gang) and decided to leave immediately. Finally he had the choice to listen to God and choose to fight for His gang, with His methods even though they seemed to be crazy to everyone else.

TEACHING TIME:Leader to do the Chant with the Kids each week - Dressed in Army Gear, 4 Doors (Fridge boxes OR old doors OR sheets OR actual doors etc) - with numbers 1 - 4 on them, 4 Leaders OR 1 leader do all characters, Microphone, Little Sword, Shield, Big Sword, armour, Crown and cape, sling and 5 pebbles, A long list of credentials for Sal. Duffle bags for Drama.
FOR BOOT CAMP: Stretchers / Bandages, Big foam Helmet / Obstacle course and ropes

Week 1
Boot Camp
1&2 Samuel
Good Choices

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