Bodyworx - Week 2: How a family works

Bodyworx: Week 2

How a family works

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To teach that to be a part of a family takes commitment and allot of give and take. To show the children that the body (and a family) is made up of many parts.

1 Corinthians 12: 14 - 23

This passage is so concrete in its understanding. The version written in "The Message" is really worth reading, it brings it to life in a contemporary way. Being a member of the “Family of God” means that we all have a part to play so that the body is “complete”. One part of the body is no good without the others. This passage aims to show quite comically that one part is not more important than the other. It goes on to say that we are only significant because we are part of the body, that in fact on our own we are nothing. This is how the Church (God's family) is supposed to function together. Not allowing children to play their part in the body is denying this truth straight away. But also anyone in God's family who just goes along to get their spiritual top up each Sunday is letting the whole family down. This is something that children can understand as they see it on their own family, possibly in the Church, in the world or poverty and riches etc....

TEACHING TIME:Character to play professor and props for the drama, Memory Verse Master of body parts blown up and photocopied, Pencils and textas, Sticky tape and Bluetac, Scissors, The equipment required to play a team sport together.


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