Bodyworx - Week 7: But I'm not good enough

Bodyworx: Week 7

But I'm not good enough

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To encourage the children to know that when we don't feel we are good at anything, God is there to give us the courage and strength to do it. God has given us something special to do in life and he would never ask of us something that we couldn't do.

Exodus 2 - 4

Moses had a very interesting life from the very beginning. When Moses was around 40 years old he saw one of his people being treated badly. He got so mad that he killed the Egyptian who was mistreating one of his people and then had to flee for his life. He went to Midian, where he was forty years. But it wasn't wasted time. The country that Moses farmed for all this time was to be the country through which he would later lead the Israelites on their way to the Promised Land. When Moses has an encounter with God on Mount Sinai (the same place he was to later receive the Ten Commandments) and God tells him he wants him to be the one to lead God's people out of slavery Moses comes up with many excuses. He didn't feel very good about himself and didn't believe he was able to do the job. It wasn't a coincidence that he would know the land and that his life experience would be the very thing that would give him the strength to achieve this awesome task. From verses 3:11 to 4:13, he rolls out all the excuses he can think of and God comes back with solutions to them all. In God's strength Moses was able to do all that God asked of him even though he had no confidence in himself. He trusted God and was obedient.

TEACHING TIME: Drama Props and 4 Characters, Personal Testimony from a leader. (See Life Application), Resources needed for small groups


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