Bodyworx - Week 1: The Family of God

Bodyworx: Week 1

The Family of God

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To teach the children how to become a part of the family of God.

John 3: 1 - 21

Nicodemus was a religious man of some importance. He must have seen something different in Jesus to seek after him in the night time (so not to be seen) to find out about what he was missing. In this time, (which is still often so), of many materialistic and political notions of Kingship, to look at things from a spiritual Kingship would have been very difficult for Nicodemus. Nicodemus was looking for answers and when Jesus said to him" No one can see the Kingdom of God unless he is born again ", he is almost childlike in his response. He takes what Jesus is saying as literal and asks a question that he already knew the answer to. Is this a way of trying to avoid the real issues or is he genuinely struggling with what Jesus means? Jesus is patient and begins to explain the essentials of entering the Kingdom of God. In this passage is one the most popular verses in scripture, John 3 : 16. It is popular because it displays in one verse the Love of the father and the lengths that he will go to, to see people come into the Family of God. A strong point Jesus seems to be making is that as God's children, we must be "born" from above, not a physical thing but rather a spiritual thing, that we are to be different inside. As we accept Christ and him dying for us, there must be change from the inside, showing a new life and direction. The theme of this program is showing kids a new direction, a new reason for living, a new purpose.

FOR TEACHING TIME: Character to play the Professor and all the props that are listed in the Drama script, Character to play Nicodemus - black overcoat and hat hiding his face, Sound Card "SHSHSHSH" - large enough for all the children to see, Someone with a separate script to hold up the sound card, Memory verse cut up and hidden around the room, Blindfolds for each child, Obstacle course

Week 1
Family, Forgiveness, Gospel Message, Hope , Identity, Love, Trust

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