Family Celebration: So much can change in 24 hours

Family Celebrations: Easter

So much can change

An all age celebration at Easter reflecting on the 24 hours before Jesus was crucified and then what it might have felt like to be a disciple on the Saturday before Jesus rose again.

To look at the 24 hours from the time of Passover to Jesus crucifixion. To teach all ages about what Jesus did at Easter time and create an environment of worship and remembering.

John, Matthew, Luke

We are taking various scriptures that speak to the truth of the Easter story in the 24 hours leading up to Jesus death. Working with all ages, it is important to have many elements that involve all ages. It may be a bit more work, but Easter is a perfect time to go to extra effort to tell the Easter Story in a way that all ages will not forget. For an Intergenerational Celebration you have to create an environment where all ages are encouraged to work together, intermix and listen and learn from each other.

Family Celebrations
John, Luke
Easter, Forgiveness, God is in Control , Gospel Message, Hope , Humility, Love, Serving Others

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