Family Celebration: Gathered Together

Family Celebrations: Family Celebration

Gathered Together

This All Age Experience includes: Aim and Bible Text A list of all you need plus online resources and links Song Suggestions Small Group Discussion and challenges Teaching

To Challenge all ages that Jesus calls us to gather together To Challenge all ages that we have a choice to come to the party or to make excuses and there is much sadness when we refuse the invitation to gather in His name.

Matthew 22

The parable of the Feast is a very confronting Parable. Jesus begins by say the “Kingdom of God is like”, he knew had an audience of religious leaders listening. It is like he told stories, which made a very hard message feel a little softer, and yet if you have eyes to hear, it is very challenging. And at this time the religious leaders were already planning how they could kill Him or at least get rid of Him, it was clear they couldn’t silence Him. In the light of that, the punishment of the King for those who didn’t come and choose to beat up the messenger and the punishment from the King for the one who didn’t come appropriately dressed is very hard to read.
This parable begins and ends with a sad reality of the human response to God’s gift:
“They wouldn’t come” (vs 3) and “Many get invited: only a few make it” (vs 14)
The Message Version says in verse 4 “Look, everything is on the table, the prime rib is ready for carving. Come to the feast!” God calls us together, not for some somber occasion where we are all to sit in ordered seats facing the front, and listen to all the things we have done wrong, it is a party atmosphere. It is a party and a sense of being together with everything laid out for us and paid for. It is a beautiful picture of the Kingdom of God and the perfect life with God that is to come. But, while we are here on earth (a dim reflection of His Kingdom) we must reflect this when gather, we must represent Him well when we are together to each other to those who don’t know Him yet.

• Individual packets of smarties or M&Ms
• Tables with butchers paper and colored textas on them. (Set this up before the time together begins)
• Print off the Smarties game enough for small groups of five people.
• Whiteboard to write up answers / or have someone add them to a large screen on the spot of you can. (OPTIONAL)
• Plains hearts (Bunnings, craft shop or plains paper)
• PowerPoint Files
• Smarties Game Master
• There is a great video of how the smarties challenge is done. Use this as a way to see if for yourself, but do it in real time on the day.


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