Family Celebration: Rocks

Family Celebrations: Family Celebration


This All Age Experience includes: Aim and Bible Text A list of all you need plus online resources and links Song Suggestions Small Group Discussion and challenges Teaching

To challenge all ages about the Promises around Rocks in the Bible. To challenge all ages that we are His Living stones, made uniquely for a purpose.

Luke 6:48 / Ps 118:22 / 1 Peter 2:4-6 / 1 Sam 2:2 / Ps 18:31 / 1 Peter 2:4-5 / Matt 16:18 / Ps 31:3-4 / Ps 71:3 / Josh 4:5-7 / Ps 62:2 / 1 Peter 2:8 / Ps 40: 1-2

The Bible is full of many visuals. One, that is right through the Bible, is how God uses rocks to teach us more about Him and His truth. Right through the Old Testament and the New Testament the Bible references how God and Jesus and even people are like rocks. Rocks are such common, yet visual objects that are relevant and understandable for all ages. Although not conclusive, this family celebration seeks to open up God’s word and teaching on Rocks and how we can understand His word more because of the visual ways that Rocks are referred to in the Bible.

• All kinds of Different Rocks/Stones
• A group of rocks that are all the same colour.
• Print and Laminate Rock Statements for teaching.
• PowerPoint Files
• PDF: Rock Pictures with words on them.
• Book: “The Wrong Stone” by Russell Deal

Family Celebration
Family Celebrations
God is Awesome , Honouring God, Purpose / Calling

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