Family Celebration: Valleys And Peaks

Family Celebrations: Family Celebration

Valleys And Peaks

An All age celebration (service/worship time) that allows all ages to explore the fact that God wants to walk with us through the Valleys and the Peaks in life. This All age experience includes: Aim and Bible Text A list of all you need plus online resources and links Song Suggestions Small Group discussions and challenges Input Reflection and Action time Take Home options

To Know that God wants to meet us in the mountains but we are not meant to stay there. To know God has called us to live in the Valleys in a way that shines life even in the tough times.

Matthew 17:1-8
Mark 9:2-8
Luke 9:28-36
2 Peter 1:16-18

A piece of A4 paper for everyone / glue / pens
All the mountains cut out and ready.
“Emojis” printed out onto pieces of paper. (you can find these easily on Google)
Lights and a background to make mountains


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