Family Celebration: Treasure Seekers

Family Celebrations: Family Celebrations

Treasure Seekers

An Interactive glasshouse called "treasure seekers" was experienced at Intergenerate Australia and New Zealand in 2022. This form of discovery together has been called “Proclamation as Co-Creation”. “An approach that turns Christian proclamation into a moment of communal creativity, a time of creating something tangible and something meaningful as we enter the heart of the gospel together”.

To challenge all ages to be treasure seekers for His treasure. To challenge all ages that there is a cost to be treasure seeker.

Proverbs 2:4-5
Matthew 19:16-22
Colossians 1:27 (TPT)

This experience is a journey together across the ages on what it means to search for the treasure, to know what the real treasure is, and then to know what to do with it when we discover the treasure. While we begin with a child’s storybook, which in its simplicity has great depth, it opens the door to delve deeply into God’s promises.

Book by Pamela Allen: “Herbert and Harry”
Station 1: Posters printed, a treasure box with treasure in it, sticky
notes, pens, bluetac.
Station 2: Posters printed, cardboard boxes ripped up, pens, packing tape.
Station 3: Posters printed, an impossible puzzle, large plastic blocks, masking tape, pens, bluetac
Station 4: Posters printed, random objects
You will NEED to ask people to bring something to this experience. This needs to be done the week before the event (See invite provided)

Family Celebrations
Family Celebrations
Matthew, Psalms/Proverbs
Faith, Good Choices, Life Together , Mission, Treasure

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