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Tumbling Down

An Interactive glasshouse called "tumbling down" was experienced at Intergenerate Australia and New Zealand in 2022. This resource outlines how to help all ages engage. With the game of Jenga as a fun interactive activity for all to play, we explore the life of Joseph and how he handled things when life seemed to be tumbling down all around him.

To remind all ages of the life of Joseph and the choices he had when his life came tumbling down. To challenge all ages that when things happen that are beyond our control, we can be assured that God can be trusted.

The Story of Joseph (Genesis 38-39)
Various promises from the Bible.

Joseph’s life is a great example of when life feels like it is tumbling down what we choose makes a big difference. The Pandemic has given us all a shared experience of how it feels when things are suddenly out of our control and life is never the same. It will take years for us all to recover from the challenges that COVID has presented. The Bible stories and history show us that it has always been this way and the comfort of God’s promises that are never changing has always been important for those who walk with Him. This is a message that any age can relate to and as we all know how it feels to lose something that is important to us. May it be a timely reminder that God is to be trusted always.

- A set of the game of Jenga – on each table.
- Larger Jenga on stage/centred as the main prop.
- Verses on paper ready to place onto the large Jenga.
- Paper / pens / bluetac
- Background instrumental music
- This is an experience that best works around tables where people can play the game together and then write and build their own tower. There are some alternative options suggested throughout if tables and chairs are not an option at your gathering.
- Promise cards printed out and laminated. (optional)


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