Family Celebration: Living Water

Family Celebrations: Family Celebrations

Living Water

To Come to the living water and let it flow through us as vessels of His love.

To challenge all ages to come to the well of living water which is Jesus. To challenge all ages that when we understand the living water never runs dry, and if we come to Him, living waters can flow within us.

Isaiah 55:1
John 7:38

John 7:38 is a very powerful passage when you study the significance of what Jesus was saying. By talking through this as a community there is power in considering when, why and how Jesus said, “whoever believes in me will have rivers of flowing water within them”. Isaiah 55: 1 is also a very common verse that people quote, as you read the whole chapter again the power is increased by all that is laid out in that chapter. If people take the time to reflect and meditate on this chapter, God will truly challenge them.

• A well – made out of cardboard boxes opened up and painted. “Inside is a small child’s pool sitting on 8 milk crates. The pool can be filled with water.
• Blue Streamers.
• ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO BRING THEIR FAVOURITE CUP TO THE MEETING / Have a variety of spare cups for people to choose from – from disposable to old, new, cracked, funny, serious, big, small etc.…
• Cups with holes in them OR small pieces of tubing for each person.
• Words / Post it notes / Pens
• Visuals for each word.

Family Celebrations
Family Celebrations
Body Of Christ, Hearing His Voice, Identity, Inner Strength, Living Water , Never Alone, Peace

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