Family Celebration: What do you believe?

Family Celebrations: Easter

What do you believe?

This Celebration is centred on the statements that are made in the song ‘The Creed” and uses various scriptures that speak of the truth of the Easter story. It is a powerful song and a reminder of what we believe. Working with all ages, it is important to have many elements that involve all ages. It may be a bit more work, but Easter is a perfect time to go to extra effort to tell the Easter story in a way that all ages will not forget. For an Intergenerational Celebration, you should create an environment where all ages are encouraged to work together, mix. listen and learn from each other

To challenge all ages to think about what they really believe. To teach all ages of what Jesus did at Easter time and the key elements that are important to believe.

This particular family celebration will revolve around family groupings being together to work on a group project. If there is any way to create spaces where movement can happen and chairs can be re-arranged it will help break down barriers. For this Celebration, stations need to be set up beforehand around tables so people can wander and achieve tasks together. Ideally, if groups of 8 people around tables throughout the whole celebration it will allow for optimum interaction. This way you can have certain materials on the table ready i.e colouring pens, string, paper, flowers.

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