M.I.Kidz - Week 6: Telling Everybody

M.I.Kidz: Week 6

Telling Everybody

This resource provides you with a lesson plan, songs, group challenges, drama and a life application. You will be provided with extra materials, videos, power point presentations to help you present this message to the children in a professional and contemporary way. There is the option of teaching all the 10 lessons that build upon each other or teaching a one off stand alone lesson. Choose the resources that best suit your situation

To challenge the children about where we are to spread the good news.

Luke 24:13-49

There are many wonderful points that can be brought out of this passage about sharing the Good news of Jesus. The disciples were walking along talking about Jesus death when a stranger (who was really Jesus) asked them what they were talking about; they shared with him all about who Jesus was. They were willing to share the mission, because it consumed them. When the stranger was going to leave, they begged him to stay with them and shared of themselves. It was then that they discovered that they were with Jesus all along. Sharing our loves and our passions and giving to others, especially strangers, are key ways to share the mission

FOR TEACHING TIME: Flashcards, Tea Towel, Plate, Pillow, Toy, Ball, Food, Rubbish, School books, Money, Laptop, Camera, Pen. FOR SMALL GROUP TIME (THE MISSION): T Shirts for each child, Master of the “Mission 1:”8”- provided in Folder, Screen Printing supplies, Instructions on how to screen print.


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