M.I.Kidz - Week 1: We all love a Mystery

M.I.Kidz: Week 1

We all love a Mystery

This resource provides you with a lesson plan, songs, group challenges, drama and a life application. You will be provided with extra materials, videos, power point presentations to help you present this message to the children in a professional and contemporary way. There is the option of teaching all the 10 lessons that build upon each other or teaching a one off stand alone lesson. Choose the resources that best suit your situation.

To demonstrate that we all love an interesting mystery

2 Kings 4:18-37

Life and death are such a mystery to us all. There are only 7 cases of the dead being raised to life in the Bible. This story is one of the two in the Old Testament. “The Child sneezed seven times and the child opened his eyes” 2 Kings 4: 18-37. There are many mysteries and it is our nature to want to explain the mysteries of the world. Raising someone from death to life is something we would all like to have power over. Even the Prophet Elisha, who loved and served God, thought he knew how to bring a young child to life, but he discovered that even he couldn’t.

FOR TEACHING TIME: A set for the drama which has a LAB with gadgets all over the table and a box to the side. FOR SMALL GROUP TIME (THE MISSION): Butchers Paper or A4 paper and Pens for Small group work, Torches and a dark room, Bluetac.

Week 1
1&2 Kings
Confidence in God, Faith, Faithfulness, God is Awesome , God is in Control , Hope

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