M.I.Kidz - Week 4: We all have a place in the mission

M.I.Kidz: Week 4

We all have a place in the mission

This resource provides you with a lesson plan, songs, group challenges, drama and a life application. You will be provided with extra materials, videos, power point presentations to help you present this message to the children in a professional and contemporary way. There is the option of teaching all the 10 lessons that build upon each other or teaching a one off stand alone lesson. Choose the resources that best suit your situation

To challenge the children that we all have a place in God’s mission.

Isaiah 6

The name “Isaiah” means God saves. Isaiah was a prophet of God in a time when people were worshipping idols and even sacrificing their children to their gods. Isaiah had an amazing experience where he saw the face of God in a vision. In the vision he was reminded of his sinfulness and God’s Holiness. He is reminded that he is not worthy of being used by God to tell others of their sin for he is a sinner as well, however it is in that realisation that the power is revealed.

FOR TEACHING TIME: Popcorn machine, Popcorn, Table, Apron and Cooking things, Simple objects (as described in Teaching Time) for and person to play Isaiah, Person to do drama, Music, Lighting, Person with microphone. FOR SMALL GROUP TIME (THE MISSION): Materials to make ID Bracelets, beads with number and letters on them, Leather or plastic cord, Slime and buckets / towels


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