M.I.Kidz - Week 5: Accepting the Mission

M.I.Kidz: Week 5

Accepting the Mission

This resource provides you with a lesson plan, songs, group challenges, drama and a life application. You will be provided with extra materials, videos, power point presentations to help you present this message to the children in a professional and contemporary way. There is the option of teaching all the 10 lessons that build upon each other or teaching a one off stand alone lesson. Choose the resources that best suit your situation

To challenge the children about accepting the mission that God has for them.

John 6:1-13

The feeding of the 5000 is a very popular and well known story. When Jesus asked Phillip how they could feed all these people, he knew the area and the cost and was overwhelmed by the question. Another disciple, who was known for bringing people to Jesus, brought a little boy and his lunch. The boy didn’t have much to bring. Barley bread was the cheapest of all bread and was held in contempt as it was often associated with offerings for sins of adultery. It was the bread of the very poor. The fish were no bigger than sardines. There are many things we can learn from this miracle and there is no doubt that Jesus is a compassionate provider capable of the impossible

FOR TEACHING TIME: Ingredients for a cake (leaders all have a piece each), Enough cake for everyone, Desk that you can work on / to hide the rest, Recipe in book/paper OR use the one on SLIDE provided, Utensils to cook (leaders have these are well)
FOR SMALL GROUP TIME (THE MISSION): A puzzle of about 15-30 pieces for each small group, Stop watch


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