M.I.Kidz - Week 10: Mission Accomplished

M.I.Kidz: Week 10

Mission Accomplished

This resource provides you with a lesson plan, songs, group challenges, drama and a life application. You will be provided with extra materials, videos, power point presentations to help you present this message to the children in a professional and contemporary way. There is the option of teaching all the 10 lessons that build upon each other or teaching a one off stand alone lesson. Choose the resources that best suit your situation

To encourage the children to become an MI Kid.

Matthew 13 : 31-32 - The Mustard Seed

This parable (visual picture) was very real for those who heard it. The mustard plant in Palestine was very different from the one we know today. It was well known for being quite large and was often seen with birds nesting all over it as they love the little black seeds that come from the tree. The message is very clear, but hard to swallow at times. Many revolutions or major changes that have happened through History have come from a small beginning. One person being challenged and acting upon that challenge. God is saying to all of us, not to feel discouraged, that we are to serve and witness in the places we find ourselves. A witness must begin with one man. This must have been a great encouragement to the disciples at the time as they must have felt overwhelmed at times. It is also an encouragement to start with what little we may have, the people we know and to be faithful in the little things. It is God’s job to grow the plant and see it multiply.

FOR TEACHING TIME: Plank of wood and a brick, A variety of seeds, Many prizes, Do some research and information ON Nate Archibald or some other inspiring story of someone achieving something even though they were small and people said it wasn’t possible, Voice over for drama, Kush Ball
FOR SMALL GROUP TIME (THE MISSION): Tattoos for children, HQ...experience


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