Actual Reality- Week 8: True Friends reach out to others

Actual Reality: Week 8

True Friends reach out to others

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To teach that true friends reach out to others and help them get out of their boxes

Acts 8:26-40

The Ethiopian was like royalty. He was someone who followed God but he was not a Jew. There were many things that he didn't understand. It was purely a language problem, trying to understand what the Old Testament was meaning. He could read the words, but did not know what they meant. This is a very familiar problem for our children, not to mention us adults at times. The Ethiopian was willing to ask the question and Phillip was willing to answer to the best of his ability. He was able to communicate in such a way that all of a sudden everything made sense to him and he wanted to act straight away and do whatever it was that God was asking of him. Being able to communicate and help others understand things is a real gift and something we need to work hard at if we are going to be effective.

Prizes for winners in twit face, “Don’t let life box you in” prizes (Optional), An Iphone, An Ipad, some headphones hooked into a Ipod, A computer.(All need to have access to a game or interesting music), a book, a camera, A box of Chocolates, The Box heads from Week 2 for all kids and Teacher, Words “LISTEN” and “HELPS” and TRUE FRIEND, “STICK TOGETHER”, “REACH OUT”


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