Actual Reality - Week 5: True friends learn to listen

Actual Reality: Week 5

True friends learn to listen

This resource provides you with a lesson plan, drama scripts, songs, activities to teach this lesson effectively, with opportunities for the children to be active in the learning process. You will be provided with lesson plans and extra materials for either a "stand alone teaching experience" or if you are teaching this as part of a whole module. Choose the resources that best suit your situation.

To Learn that a true friend learns to listen and let's others help.

Exodus 18

It is very hard for us to ask for help. We like to think we can do it all alone. Even Moses, whom God gave so much responsibility and trust, can get caught up with himself and being self-sufficient. This account of Moses life just goes to show that even important people need others. Jethro was able to show him that sharing responsibility doesn't mean losing power or prestige, but rather it often helps to make things more efficient and allow many more things to happen that might not have otherwise. Moses was wise enough to be able to see the benefits of delegating and working with others.

SMALL GROUPS: All materials setup before hand for each small group, Prizes for winners in small group work and teaching.
TEACHING: Twitface, Paper and Pens and Bluets, Words LISTEN and HELPS and TRUE FRIEND in big writing to stick onto a wall, “Don’t let life box you in” prizes (Optional).

Week 5
Actual Reality
Confidence in God, Friendship, Good Choices, Integrity, Serving Others, Teamwork

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