Actual Reality - Week 1: Life in a box

Actual Reality: Week 1

Life in a box

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To look at the things we treasure in life and ask if they are worthwhile.

Matthew 6:9-21, Luke 12:13-21

Today in the world of advertising and consumerism we are obsessed with buying material possessions that do not last. Our children are the next generation who are quickly learning that accumulating possessions is an important ambition in life. Jesus says in Matthew very clearly that we need to think about what consumes us and what we value. Anyone whose happiness depends on things that won't last is doomed for disappointment. This world is not an end in itself. It is merely a stage in life. Children need to be challenged to think about more than the latest thing at "World for kids". The Rich Fool in Luke died with nothing, even though he was rich in the world's eyes. We need to be challenged about what we consider to be worthwhile in life and live storing up treasures that will last.

Large to medium boxes to build a building with on stage. (you will need at least 12) Pictures of thing to put on the boxes: Iphone , Ipad , bike, boat, plane (representing travel), headphones, flatscreen TV, people (representing family/friends), clothes, money etc.... Smart phone (as a prop) Words of memory verse stuck on each of the boxes. (on the opposite side from the picture) Magazines/posters/pictures Scissors/textas/pens and glue A4 piece of paper for each child Banner saying "Where your treasure is, is what's most important to you!” - put the banner on the wall. Bluets

Week 1
Actual Reality
Luke, Matthew
Contentment, God is in Control , Hope , Identity, Purpose / Calling

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