Journey Through Time - Week 7: Jesus the Man

Journey Through Time : Week 7

Jesus the Man

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To understand that Jesus lived on this earth as a man. To understand that Jesus was a real person in History. To understand that even though He was a real person, He was also God.

John 18-19

Jesus was arrested and put through a trial which appears to have broken all the appropriate legal rules. When the witnesses failed to produce sufficient evidence to condemn Him, He was forced to make what His judges regarded as the blasphemous statement (to Christians it was the simple truth) that He was the Messiah. He was condemned to death by crucifixion. From the third day after His death however, many of His disciples claimed that the tomb was empty and that He appeared to them. God had raised Him from the dead. It is important that Jesus rose from the dead. No man has ever been able to rise from the dead or will ever be able to, without that touch of God in their life. Jesus was more than a man. He was God as well. Death cannot hold him down, therefore we follow a risen saviour, not a dead saviour.

TEACHING TIME: Video from – parable of the Sheep (free download),Jerusalem Village Set up explained in Teaching Time


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