Journey Through Time - Week 5: History Repeats Itself

Journey Through Time : Week 5

History Repeats Itself

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To teach children that when we do our “own” thing, forgetting about God, we often end up doing the “wrong” thing.

Exodus 32-34

Moses had gone to get the Ten Commandments from God. The people knew where he was, they had seen over the past few weeks many miracles and ways in which God had provided for them. Moses left them believing they would remain faithful to God and wait patiently for God’s commandments for them. God had made another covenant with Moses and his people. It was only around six weeks after they made their solemn covenant-pledge with God that the people were clamoring for a replica of the old Gods of Egypt. Death is the penalty for those who break the covenant, but Moses’ selfless intercession prevented Israel’s extermination. The broken tablets dramatically proclaim the broken covenant. Once again we see how quickly God’s people do their own thing and walk away from God. God is full of mercy again and spares them

TEACHING TIME: Lots of props of things that are precious and idolised today for kids for the leaders to bring to the stage during the teaching, Optional puzzle piece comic


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