Journey Through Time - Week 6: God's Answer

Journey Through Time : Week 6

God's Answer

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To show that God’s answer was to send his Son to be born into this world as a baby

Matthew 1: 18 - 25

In Matthew it clearly states that Jesus Christ was conceived by an action of the Holy Spirit without the intervention of a human father, and thus born of a virgin - or more accurately, the virginal conception - of Jesus. He is also spoken of as the “second Adam”, the first of the new race (1 Corinthians 15:45-47). Matthew recalls Isaiah’s words, giving them significance the prophet could not have dreamt of. Jesus means “the saviour”; “Emmanuel”, God with us, in the world of men. Jesus brings the New and the Old Testament together. Jesus spoke strongly about the authority of the Old Testament and came to fulfil the Old Testament. The Old Testament shows us of the failures of God’s people time and time again. It also shows the necessity for Jesus to come into this world to stand in the place of sinners.

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