Journey Through Time - Week 4: Rainbow of Hope

Journey Through Time : Week 4

Rainbow of Hope

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To show that God wants to be in relationship with all people. To teach that God sticks to his promises. He is always faithful.

Genesis 6-8

The purpose of the flood was to destroy sinful mankind. To do this it would have taken a worldwide flood. There are many different views and beliefs on this and since the author of Genesis had in mind only the inhabitants of the Ancient East, this flood may not have needed to be worldwide to destroy them. The apostle Paul, however, seems to assume that the flood and its devastation were universal and total, except for Noah and his family (2 Peter 3:6). An important and recurring theme in Scripture is God establishing covenants with his people. A covenant is an agreement. God made this with Noah. In each instance God takes the initiative - this is no agreement between equal parties. God draws up the terms and He makes them known. And He alone guarantees their keeping. God made a covenant with Noah that He would never destroy the earth with a flood. The covenant sign was the rainbow in the storm cloud. The fact that God takes His own initiative to establish covenants with His people shows His continual desire to be in relationship with his people.


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