Journey Through Time - Week 2: In the Beginning

Journey Through Time : Week 2

In the Beginning

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To teach the children that God’s original plan was for everything to be beautiful and perfect. To teach the children that God created us too and always wanted to provide and care for us and be in relationship with us.

Genesis 1 - 2

The account of creation is historical. Chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis bear witness to events which actually took place. The origin of the world and of life was no accident. The Bible always assumes, and never argues God’s existence. It is in these chapters that we learn that God is not only assumed but that He is constantly at work. He is totally responsible for the world and all that is in it. The language is simple but vivid; it is often described as poetic. It speaks of order and of God’s active hand in the creative process but not much more. We are not told when creation took place, or how God brought it into place, nor how long it took. The “days” are taken by some to be periods of time. Others think that this pattern of seven days is simply the most vivid means of expressing the creative energy and satisfaction of God, the orderliness and simple majesty of the way He created all things. Humans were the climax of God’s creativity. When God created us, He distinguished us from the animals in two ways. We alone are made in the image of God. All human beings are His creation, made in His image with spiritual capacities, for goodness, worship and fellowship with Him. The word “image” includes words such as “righteousness and holiness” and “knowledge”. Believers are to be “conformed to His likeness” and will someday be like him. Being made in his image established them in a special relationship with God. The second way we are to be distinguished is that we are given charge over all the rest of creation. As God’s representative in the creature realm, we are stewards of God’s creatures. We are not to exploit, waste or despoil them, but to care for them in the service of God and humanity. The Garden is described as “paradise” which relates to the Hebrew word “bliss” or “delight”. Their access to the fruit of the tree of life showed God’s will and intention for His creation was LIFE. His desire was to provide for them in every way.

THINGS TO BRING: Good Camera – which you have to look through the lens to take the photo, Lab books / A camera per small group would be ideal but not compulsory, Somewhere natural you can take the kids for a walk into that shows Gods creation, Sticker for each child to put into LAB books. (In Extras folder)


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