Born To Win - Week 6: Running on Empty

Born to Win: Week 6

Running on Empty

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To teach the children that sometimes you will feel like you’re running on empty.

Exodus 3 - 12

We see in Chapters 3-5 that Moses although willing to serve God, had little confidence that he could do it (4:1). Moses was even warned that Pharaoh would be difficult (4:21), but I wonder after the 4th or 5th plague and the crying out of the Israelites if we would have felt like running and hiding. Moses was walking in faith and belief that God was in control even though it looked disastrous at the time. This was certainly not something he could do in his own strength. When we are running on empty we realise that we are not doing anything in our own strength and need to totally rely on God. That’s when we see God do the impossible. The Israelite saw God do an incredible thing, and they were finally freed from slavery. We may not think that God is anywhere, but when we are running on empty, is when God can reveal himself in amazing ways. While it could be said that the first 9 plagues manifest natural phenomena, the miraculous is found in the timing, intensity and distribution. But even Pharaoh could not deny the God influence with the final plague, which is why he finally gave in and let the people go. Sometimes we are so hard to God that it takes a disaster for us to acknowledge him and His ways. Sometimes we have to be running on empty to actually admit there is a God and that He deserves our adoration and worship.

TEACHING TIME: Paper and pens and markers for Collages, Prize for best Collage, Water sprayer filled with red H2O, Plastic frogs on a string, Plastic flies hanging on a string, Plastic gnats hanging on a string, Plastic farm animals / free standing cardboard pictures, Fluorescent stickers, Ping pong balls, Giant locust on string, Turn lights off - Total darkness for a few seconds
SMALL GROUP TIME: SAOs (biscuits), Cups of lemonade, fabric strips to use as ties, Playing cards / tables / rotating fan

Week 6
Born to Win
Confidence in God, Spiritual Battle, Trust

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