Ground Rulz - Week 8: Jesus' example of forgiveness

Ground Rulz: Week 8

Jesus' example of forgiveness

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To challenge the children to realise how much God is willing to forgive us so it helps them to forgive others. To teach the children that God wants us to treat others as He treats us. To challenge the children to realise that God is waiting for them to say sorry and wants to forgive them.

Luke 23:39-44

After all Jesus had been through, he was now being tormented by the man who was being crucified beside him. This criminal wasn’t stupid. He thought that if Jesus was really who he said he was, he could get himself off the cross and possibly take him too. It was quite possible that both of the criminals started mocking Jesus, but at some point one of the criminals stopped and saw something different in Jesus. Maybe when Jesus didn’t fight back, it made him think. Now this criminal was there because he deserved to be there. Maybe at some time this man had heard Jesus speak in the streets somewhere, or maybe this was the first time he had laid eyes on him. But something told him he was in better company than he had ever been in before. As he stopped mocking and started thinking he came face to face with his own guilt and his need for a saviour. Even at this late stage in his life, on “death’s bed” so to speak, he was able to be saved, not because of anything he did but because of a forgiving saviour who he confessed to. At a time when Jesus was in the most pain and despair he was able to save another person. At a time when he had every right as a human being to cry out and curse people for what they had done to him, he was forgiving them.

THINGS TO BRING:T-Shirt - “God’s Forgiveness” written on it.

Week 8
Ground Rulz
Forgiveness, Gospel Message, Love, Spiritual Battle

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