Ground Rulz - Week 4: Humility

Ground Rulz: Week 4


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To teach that it takes more strength to serve others than to be served by others. To be challenged by Jesus’ example of what we should be willing to do for others.

John 13

Humility was at that time something despised as weakness. Not far from the truth today as well. It was the custom to have your feet washed, in those days because everyone wore sandals and the ground was dusty and dirty. As they entered houses they often had a slave wash their feet as we would use a mat at the door, so they wouldn’t dirty the house. It was a lowly job because it was a dirty job. Can you imagine everyone’s feet and how muddy they would have been? Only slaves did it, and slaves were considered people who had no rights. This day there was no servant and none of the friends were willing to lower themselves and offer to do it for anyone else, so they all went inside with dirty feet. Jesus used this as an example during the meal time to teach His disciples. As Jesus washed each person’s feet in that room, they were very embarrassed and many said nothing. Jesus knew that he was washing the feet of the people he considered his best friends, even though he knew that within hours one of them would betray him, one would deny him and the rest would run away in fear. Peter spoke up because he just couldn’t cope with what Jesus was doing, thinking that this was not a job he should be doing. But Jesus set an example that day of what it meant to be a follower of Jesus, knowing that in their lifetime the disciples would be challenged to do lowly acts for the sake of the Gospel, that they would be humiliated many times over. Christ wanted to show them that if he could do it, they could do it.

TEACHING TIME:Wash basins, Washers or Kleenex for each pair, Towels, A hat- with the word “Humility” on it, Discussion Questions for all Small Group Leaders, Barrel / pens and paper, Props for Character Dramas

Week 4
Ground Rulz
Equipped to Serve, Humility, Love

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