You First - Song 1: Kings House Blues

You First: Song 1

Kings House Blues

Based on Matthew 22/Psalm 23:6

Come on ... Come on in
We’re gonna dance and shout
Come on ... Come on in
Just let it all hang out
Well there's a party going on
To celebrate the King
All are welcome, few will come
You don't know what you're missing
In the King’s House

The invitation’s there for all
We come to thank the King of Kings
For all that He has done
His love that just goes on and on
Let’s celebrate with Him

The way in which we live each day
Is the greatest gift we bring to Him
Let everything we say
And everything we do
Give Him praise
To our Loving King

Song 1
You First
Matthew, Psalms/Proverbs
Family, Friendship, God is Awesome , Love

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