The Discovery Learning Series has been used by church groups for Sunday School, Kid's Church, Religious Education and Holiday Camps for over 20 years.

Over this time it has been developed and refined to create a suite of teaching resources that is effective, flexible, faithful and affordable.

But don't just take our word for it. Below are just a few of the hundreds of lovely testimonials from very happy church groups and individuals who have used this material.

After trying many different resources and attempting to adjust some to bring them into the 20th century I stumbled across this material...

It is accepted by the children and leaders with enthusiasm. We have lots of fun presenting the gospel this way. I look forward to club each week knowing I have something to offer the kids which will grip their imagination.

Meryl, Salvation Army, Warwick, Queensland

Excellent curriculum material which provides well-prepared thematic sessions for primary aged children... (which) will bless and minister to your children and teachers.

Carolyn Boyd, Ministry to Children Seminar, Melbourne

Just spotted your material at Koorong Brisbane and wanted to congratulate you on a top job! I know how hard it is to find top quality material and finding your's today was like stumbling onto a little gold mine (Yeh God!)

Would you be open to us stocking some of your children's resources for our forthcoming children's conference...

Anne Thomas, Willow Creek Association, Australia

The material (in the "Over the Edge" term module) is an unapologetic challenge to kids about where they stand in their faith & what they're willing to give up in order to be disciples.

For many it made sense of the tricky stuff they face at school & in life. I would highly recommend this material - it's challenging, interesting... We've been so impressed, and it has led to such deep conversations. We've loved it!


These resources are invaluable even with a really small Sunday School like ours - 15 kids.

Elizabeth, St Johns Anglican, Beecroft, NSW

We have just finished doing The Backpacker module (again) and the kids just loved it. I find your programs so good for the kids in years 3-6... Thankyou for the time you have taken to provide such good teaching. It is so hard to find good curriculum for Sunday programs.

Jackie, Caringbah Baptist Church, NSW