Children learn by participating; by active engagement in a stimulating and enjoyable experience.

And they learn in different ways; analytical, emotional, physical, experiential etc...

Every teaching session in this series is intentionally designed to engage the children using a variety of strategies - but the key is active involvement.

Discover with your children

When Sunday School teachers travel "with" the children, rather than teaching "at" them - the outcomes are better for the children.

When children actively participate in Kid's Church that is stimulating, when they are encouraged to imagine, question and test ideas, when they are allowed to take initiative and discover for themselves - the impact is profound.

Children are also very individual in terms of HOW they learn; each has aptitudes, capabilities and characteristics that mean that they process information and ideas in very different ways.

This material uses games, drama, role playing, small group discussion, story-telling, music, memorisation, quizzes etc... a full array of stimulating and inclusive activities that open up stimulating learning pathways for all types of children...

and they are a whole heap of fun.

Make it count

Too many children leave Sunday School at 12, feeling that God has nothing to say to them and no place in their lives.

This Sunday School curriculum is anchored around relevant themes that the children are dealing with every day. Each theme is presented in an exciting and creative package and teaches Biblical truth in a context that is meaningful to the children.

Along this whole journey of discovery, the children are encouraged to play, explore, ask questions, propose solutions, try out ideas and draw from their own imagination and life experiences.

This is not about forcing information into a child, it's about building a child's awareness of God and nurturing their relationship with Him through Jesus. We see every weekly session of every term as another opportunity - and we aim to make each one count.

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